Do you want to learn a language or travel to a destination that is not listed here?  

Together we can make it happen.

Please reach out to us at


Do you offer languages and destinations other than those listed?

Languages and destinations listed are examples of what we can offer you and your group.  If you have another language or destination in mind, please reach out to us.  We can accomodate any language because we have a vast network of teachers and tutors all over the world.  We can book almost any destination because we are a full service travel agency as well.  Let us know what your needs and dreams are, and we can make your language vacation happen.


Do you offer shorter vacays of less than five days or more than ten days?

We are here to customize a language vacation for you.  Contact us and we will create the language vacation that is right for your group.


How long and how many hours are the vacays?

Each vacay course is 25 total hours and approximately one week or six to nine days. Participants are welcome to enroll for more than one vacay.


How much is tuition?

Tuition per vacay is always for up to two course participants and ranges from $2500-$7500 or more total depending on the size of your group, the available destination packages for your travel dates, and other factors including your requirements.  Parlay Vacay can provide an accurate quote within 72 business hours.  For the occasional already scheduled, open-enrollment vacays, tuition prices will be listed.


Is travel to and and from the destination included in tuition?

No. Travel logistics vary from client to client and thus are always separate from tuition.


Are accomodations (room and board) included in tuition?

Yes. Unless stated otherwise, basic-level accomodations (room and board) at double occupancy are included in tuition.  Accomodation upgrades are often available for an extra cost. 


I see your tution is always for two. Can I attend solo and pay half?

Participants are not obligated to add another participant, but one tuition accomodates one or two participants.  This is due to our 2 to 1 ratio which we must maintain. Tuition is never divided. 


I'm coming with a study buddy but we want separate accomodations with our non-participant companions.  Can all four of us get accomodations where the course is taking place?

Yes.  Space permitting, everyone is welcome. Participant pairs who share tuition do not necessarily have to share accomodations too. Non-participant guests of participants are welcome to enjoy the same accomodations at our discounted group rate. 


May my non-participant companions hang out with our group?

For obvious reasons, non-participants are not allowed to participate in our scheduled group education or activities which include our scheduled language immersion meals.  This is in fairness to all tuition-paying participants.  Participants are free to spend time, even if this means missing scheduled group meals and activities, with non-participants separately and at their own discretion without penalty.


Can I spend time away with or eat separetely with my non-participant travel companions during the course?

Yes, it's your call, and you will likely want to do that.  Just keep in mind that any time you spend with non-participants during the scheduled course activities will result in a loss of course time for you.  Staff will not be obligated to work around your schedue or add lesson time to your individual schedule to compensate you for this lost time. 


Do you work with travel agents?

Travel agents are welcome to help participants make travel and accomodation arrangements for full commissions where applicable and Parlay Vacay rewards travel agents for referrals and help booking accomodations where applicable. Parlay Vacay is also a full service travel agency to help participants if requested.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:


Thank you!  We look forward to meeting you!

Your Language. Your destination.

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