Improve you English where your group can experience the traditional all-American vacation: we have several perfect destinations for your group to choose from.   Eat a delicious coney while strolling on a neon-lit boardwalk, ride a ferris wheel, surf the tides, sing together around a campfire while roasting marshmalows, and learn to dance the shag (there is no dance more American).  


We offer unique English courses to students of specific language backgrounds, i.e. English for Mandarin speakers or English for Arabic speakers as well as English for medical, technical, or business fields. Your group will be accompanied by native English speakers from the United States and, if desired, native English speakers from other parts of the English speaking world as well.


You can make this vacay happen! 

Interested in knowing more?  Let us know here!


Have general questions about our vacays?  Please go to our FAQ


Thanks!  We can't wait to parlay vacay with YOU!

Traditional Summer Vacation Anytime

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