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Don't believe everything you hear.

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Layer Cake presents "The Voice of Reason."

This is a really short story. But that's actually very handy. Because you can listen to it over and over. And, I bet you'll follow it better each time. Listening repetition is a great way to increase your English fluency. Then, for extra credit, try retelling the story yourself in a natural way.

Don't forget the transcript is on our website along with the free lesson for this episode, You can learn all the new vocabulary and phrases in the story. But I'll tell you more about that after the story.

For now? Just sit back. Relax. And enjoy.


Voice of Reason

I was going for a walk today and I heard a strange noise behind me. It sounded like a person talking, but I couldn't understand what they had said, so I turned around and looked everywhere, but there was nobody there. I didn’t know what else to do, so I just kept walking.

Then it happened again! The voice was not friendly at all, so I started getting pretty scared.

A few hours later, I noticed my neighbor walking around outside, searching for something high and low. I asked her if I could help her look. She was searching in the trees and bushes, so I assumed she had lost her cat. She explained that she was trying to find her pet mynah bird. He flew away from the house when she had a sudden grease fire on the kitchen stove.

I suddenly realized that the voice that I heard must have been that bird's voice. I was so relieved! When I lead her to the spot where I heard the voice, we found him almost immediately, and she was really relieved too.


Did you hear any new words or phrases? [Then Jason explains how to get to this web site.]

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Key Concepts

anecdote: short and amusing or interesting true story told to entertain others

voice of reason: someone who serves as a source of wisdom to clear confusion

"Don't believe everything you hear": Don't trust all the information you receive.

not friendly at all: completely not

pretty scared: quite frightened

sudden: unexpected and without any warning

Vocabulary & Phrases

going for a walk: walking to enjoy walking

turned around: rotated to face the opposite direction

else: other or extra

kept walking: continued walking

getting: becoming neighbor: someone living in your neighborhood or community or next to you

high and low: everywhere possible

bushes: small and very leafy trees or large plants