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Layer Cake presents... an anecdote. That means the teller's or narrator's personalized version of past events. This story is called "The Guest of Honor."

To increase your speaking fluency, try retelling the story yourself in a natural way.

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The Guest of Honor

Thank you for bringing over the wedding album. The photos are beyond gorgeous! You had such a lovely ceremony! I really had a good time. I enjoyed it so much, mainly because it was very uneventful.

Consider yourself lucky. Do you want to know why? Okay, well, let me tell you what went wrong at my wedding.

It was in the rose garden of the old cathedral downtown and during cherry blossom season, no less! Yes, quite beautiful indeed— and very expensive. Well, my dear father—may he rest in peace—wanted me to have the best, you know? Lots of important people were going to be there.

It was so long ago.. But—feels like only yesterday! Because I still remember, very clearly, the event that shocked everyone during the ceremony.

Anyway, it was such a disaster! Do you want to know what happened?

Well, we were just about to recite our vows when-- at that exact moment--my great grandma showed up! Yes, I'm serious. Yes, of course, she was invited, but she never left her house.

She shouted at the top of her lungs, "Don’t you get married yet! Let me sit down!"

No, I’m absolutely not kidding; I’m not even exaggerating!

She was hard of hearing, so that explains most of it.

Well, she moved exceptionally slowly because she used a cane, so she walked for what seemed like an eternity. One of the ushers offered his arm to walk her down the aisle, but she wasn't having it. It was so tense; I truly imagined that I was going to faint! I almost passed out at my own wedding!

Finally, she plopped down in her spot with my family in the front row. Her cane fell, so she kicked it under the pew.

But she still had to get comfortable! Someone offered her an extra cushion and some help getting it situated. She tried it in several positions before just rejecting it.

All my husband and I could do was stand there, frozen in time, facing each other, holding hands, and watching her. We were being polite and waiting patiently, you know?

When she was finally settled in, she looked up.

At first she just squinted her eyes and grinned at us. She didn’t say a word!

So we just smiled back. I suppose we were waiting for some signal from her. You see, we didn’t want to appear disrespectful. Those were the days when we really respected our elders.