Listen: Seeking

What are you seeking?

a poem by Mike Garrone

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Welcome back! This episode is the third in our four-part poetry series. "Seeking" was written by Coach Mike at Parlay Vacay: English Immersion Weekends and On-line Coaching.

To seek means, to look for something. This poem is about how all of us are always seeking and where that seeking leads us. Pretty deep, right? Well, in any case, it sure does give us a lot to talk about.

Remember, there's a free lesson for this episode and for every episode, online. But more about that after the show. Now, it's time for listening, to the poem called "Seeking." Relax. Layer up your English. Enjoy.



by Mike Garrone

Lies are the truth,

and the truth is a lie

Together we live,

and together we die

We pull others down,

just to get by

Then lift ourselves up,

to fall down and cry

No one knows when,

and no one knows why

We scream at the void,

but it's not our ally

We struggle to love,

and then fear to try

Our thoughts whisper out,

hearing whimpers and sighs

Today is the day,

joy flees to the sky

At last we perceive,

there is no reply

Love knows not what,

when we seek to deny

There is no release,

just speak your goodbye

From the deepest despair,

to the highest of highs

Don't seek understanding,