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Listen: Car-less but Not Careless

Waiting is better than regretting.

gray smart car parked at a distance in a grass field
Deciding on the best car for you can be a gray area.

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In this episode, Layer Cake presents "Car-less but Not Careless" This type of story is called an anecdote. An anecdote is the teller's or narrator's personalized version of past events. Would you like to increase your English speaking fluency? Tell this anecdote to a friend or your teacher in your own words and in your own style. Don't forget the transcript is on our web site. But I'll tell you more about that after the show. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Car-less but Not Careless

Today I went shopping to buy a car. I knew what I could afford to pay but not what I could buy with that amount. The salesman said there were only two vehicles within my budget available on the lot.

The first was a five-year-old bright yellow two-seater Smart car with tinted windows and a sunroof. It looked sharp and easy to parallel park, but much too small. He (the salesperson) explained that it was powered with electricity, which is cheaper than gas, but I would have to access special outlets to plug it in, so it could charge.

Next was a gray, four-door, 1994 Oldsmobile. The price was much lower, but it looked very outdated and challenging to parallel park. He admitted it would get fairly lousy gas mileage but made the point that there would be plenty of seating to carpool and enough room in the trunk for bags and briefcases.

I couldn’t seem to make up my mind on the spot.


Well, I wouldn't wait too long. I can guarantee you one hundred percent that these deals won't last.

I didn’t want to jump the gun, so I thanked him for his time and went home with some photos on my phone to show my wife.



She wasn’t impressed by either option, so we’ve opted to save up more money and try again later. In the meantime, maybe we should learn to use public transportation and see whether we want to use that money to go on a long overdue vacation instead?


(laughing) Yes.

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Key Concepts

to afford: to be able to give something (such as money or effort) without making any additional sacrifice

budget: the plan for using money specific amounts and sources of money

to parallel park: to park in a tight space between two vehicles, one in front and the other behind

to make up [my] mind: to make [my] final decision

salesperson: a person who sells something directly to the customer for his or her employer. "Salesman" and also "saleswoman" used to be more common terms, but currently "salesperson" is standard.