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Listen: Keeping Vigil, Holding Space

We miss you down here.

A person staring up at the Milky Way and the stars at night.
A milky path will light your way--home.

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This episode, is the second, in our four-part, poetry series.

This poem is called "Keeping Vigil, Holding Space." It's about missing someone and waiting for them to come back --and not just to come back, but to want to come back. These are two, very different things. Lucky for us, the poem expresses these unpleasant longings in humorous ways.

Just like our first poem in our last episode, this poem rhymes. The last words in every pair of lines sound alike at the end.

Rhyming is not just a lot of fun. It can even help with your pronunciation. For instance. If pronouncing a new word presents you with a challenge, just try matching its sounds with those of other words which you pronounce better. Try this on your own or with your teacher or coach.

This poem will also provide you with new vocabulary and phrases. For this episode? You can access the free lesson online at parlayvacay.com

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Keeping Vigil, Holding Space

We miss you down here.

An astronaut relaxing on red plush
We hear the Martians treat you right.

Keeping Vigil, Holding Space

We miss you down here.

There you are in outer space,

not a problem in your case

’Tis quite a perk to be in orbit,

and you’re all the better for it

Everyone reaches for the stars,

so you were forced to reach for Mars

The sun is hot and it will burn you,

but don’t let gravity concern you

When you finally miss our faces

more than all the outer spaces,

a milky path will light the way

for your journey home that day

You’ll tell us everything red planet,

how it looked, and how they ran it,

and not only will you be heard,

but we’ll hang on every word