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Listen: It Was Real

Sometimes you overhear something special.

by Laura Gary

Transcript of Layer Cake Podcast Episode #2

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For this episode, Layer Cake is honored to feature the work of American journalist Laura Gary. Check out this piece and its useful English learning notes on our web site at parlayvacay.com/layercake

Layer Cake presents "It was Real" by Laura Gary.

My daughter and her friend were playing with plastic toy animals. Some represented real animals like horses and elephants, while others lived on the opposite end of reality like dragons and unicorns.

"We saw a real dragon at the zoo in New Orleans," my daughter said. Then she clarified, “We saw a Komodo dragon.”

"Well, we saw a real, live dinosaur," her friend shot back.

My daughter sat up straight and gave her friend The Look.

"Really? What was it? A T-Rex? Or a triceratops?" she asked. "What color was it?"

"I don't know," her friend stammered, "but it was real. It was chasing a truck."

"Do you have pictures?" my daughter inquired.

"I think so," her friend said. "It was REAL."

"Well, I need to see those pictures," my daughter declared.

I don't know if investigative journalism skills are something that can be passed down through genetics, but I am so, so proud.

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Laura Gary

Laura Gary is a freelance and investigative journalist in Lafayette, Louisiana. She graduated from the University of Louisiana with a B.S. in Journalism.