Listen: How Susan Became a Writer

Life can lead you to your dreams.

by Susan Conner

Transcript of Layer Cake Podcast Episode #2

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For this episode Layer Cake is honored to feature the work of American author Susan Conner. Find out more about Susan on

Layer Cake presents "How Susan Became a Writer" by Susan Conner.

"New careers can start at any age, especially when you do it for the fun of it." - Louise Hay

Susan discovered a love for writing in fourth grade when her teacher left out a basket of extra credit books made of construction paper. They had titles and nothing else except for a few sheets of lined paper stapled inside.

The story Susan wrote, "A Real Mystery," featured ghosts, a sleepover, and, of course, twins with ESP. It's now lost to history, but it started a life-long love for stories and art that are a bit on the supernatural side.

In college, Susan studied Russian literature because it was deep, dark, and philosophical. All the things her own writing was not. But she loved the nuanced characters and symbolism of the 19th century classics. The absurdists of the early 20th century also influenced her writing style.

Although Susan continued writing creatively on the sly throughout many career jumps through academia, philanthropy, high tech, and the automotive industry, she did not apply herself to seriously learning the craft until she turned 50.

She was accepted into Arizona State University's "Your Novel Year" program, where she learned to craft novels for Young Adults. Now, she's writing like there's no tomorrow: flash fiction, short stories, novels (both YA and adult), memoir, and graphic pieces combining her own line drawings with narrative.

Susan recently moved to her family's abandoned cattle ranch in a remote part of Montana, where she's learning to cope with snow and isolation, taking in too many strays, and revising several of her novel drafts in the hope of future publication.

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Susan Conner

Author Susan Connor is currently living with an array of animals on a cattle ranch in Montana.

Susan is an Arizona native who

has no idea how to keep her toes warm in Montana's sub-zero temps.

Susan's favorite time to write is in the early morning when her brain is fresh and while her cats and dogs are sleeping. Learn more about Susan Connor on her blog at


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