Listen: Why Are Surprises So Sticky?

Hope Springs Eternal (Serial Part 2 of 4)

Transcript of Layer Cake Podcast Episode #8

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Layer Cake presents "Hope Springs Eternal Part 2 of 4: Why Are Surprises So Sticky?"

This week Layer Cake presents part two of our exclusive four part mini series "Hope Springs Eternal." We invite you to relax, Layer Up your English. And enjoy.


Hi there! Welcome back. As you probably remember, I'm Lisa from HR. I'm organizing the surprise party for our co-worker, Max.

Here are everyone's ideas, on sticky notes. See? Loads of venue suggestions. A bunch of gimmicks to trick Max into showing up. And even a few no-no's. I'm going to narrow it all down and create an email poll.

Give me just a minute to fire that off, then we can go check out a couple of these venues for lunch today. Won't that be fun?

Let's see. I'm reading the suggestions.

There's Boogie Burger, and that's because they have karaoke? Okay. Maybe. Max is pretty shy. [Max singing karaoke with friends]

Hmmm. Okay, next. The Grape Escape. But we don't know if Max drinks wine.

[we hear a toast with wine glasses]

And if I ask, he might think I'm flirting, asking him out, or even worse, planning his surprise party.

Third one. Planet Pizza? Because it's all-you-can-eat, free refills, and unlimited Skee Ball? That would be a blast and more budget-friendly. I think that's the heavy weight, but we'll see if it's the champ. Now let's see. Next-

[Max enters] Oh. Hello there, Max!


Hi! Lisa? Is this isn't a bad time. I can come back.


Your timing is perfect! Come sit down right here [slides chair] and face this direction. Okay! Now, how can i help you?


Well, I need the right form to withdraw some money from my 401K. And quite a bit.


Would it be okay if I look for that form and bring it upstairs to you in a few minutes?


Great. Thanks.


That was really out of the blue. I do wonder what he's up to, but I'm not allowed to ask, and he sure didn't volunteer. Ok, let me get that form. [opens and closes file drawer] And here it is.

Now we can go upstairs, and give it to Max. Yes, I always take the stairs. I'm afraid it's the only exercise I ever get.

Hmmm. His office is at the end of the hall. Wait. I can hear him. He's on the phone. We should wait for a moment to let him finish his call.


[On the phone] Yes, this is Max. Is this the Steak Cake? Thanks for calling me back. I'd like a reservation for two next Friday at eight pm. And I'd like the table by the bay window if it isn't already taken? Wonderful. Well, thank you. You too.</