Listen: Should We Invite the Boss?

Hope Springs Eternal (Serial Part 1 of 4)

Transcript of Layer Cake Podcast Episode #7

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This week Layer Cake presents part one of our exclusive four part mini series "Hope Springs Eternal." So... Relax. Layer Up your English. And enjoy.

Layer Cake presents "Hope Springs Eternal Part 1 of 4: Is Inviting the Boss Always Off the Table?"


[typing and mumbling] A lot to see... Um... This is... Hmmm.

Oh! You're here! I must have lost track of the time. I'll have to improvise. Lucky for me, English is my native language.

Hi Dr. Brumett! And hello to all the Layer Cake listeners. I'm Lisa, and I work in the corporate office of a water bottling company called Hope Springs. It's an American company with an international staff. Some of us are native speakers. And some are not. But the language we always use at work is always English.

My role is in Human Resources, better known as HR. It's my job to hire, fire, train, settle disputes, and plan social events for the employees.

Dr. Brumett said it would be good for me to wear a wire, so you can hear what I do. You may be thinking "It isn't right to eavesdrop." But don't worry, it's okay because you're with us to maximize your English fluency.

Some of the employees are having lunch in the break room. So I'll take this opportunity to get some feedback about the party that we'll be having next Friday.

Max, in Accounts Receivable, just graduated with his MBA, which took him just eight years. [delay: Well, I know that's too long? but I'm afraid he attended only part-time.

Everyone loves Max, and we all want to both congratulate him and show him our appreciation by surprising him with a celebration. There's just one rather delicate matter I have to sort out first. Okay, ready? Let's go.

[Lisa takes a quick bite and a sip]