The 4 Future Tenses in English

The 4 future tenses in English clarified in under 1 minute

1. Simple Future

will + verb

Use the simple future tense to talk about an event that will happen in the future.

I will walk tomorrow.

I will not allow anyone to stop me.

Useful Alternatives to Simple Future

2 present continuous tense forms

used to talk about the future

am/is/are + going to + verb

I am going to walk tomorrow.

am/is/are + verb + ing

I am walking tomorrow.

2. Future Continuous

will be+ verb + ing

Use the future continuous to talk about plans: events that will be happening or repeated in the future until or when other events occur. Note: In this use, the secondary events are expressed in the present tense.


I will be walking to school Friday when she passes me in her new car.

He will be watching that TV show every week until it is cancelled someday.

3. Future Perfect

will + have + participle

Use the future perfect to talk about an event that will be started and completed at (1) a future point in time or (2) the same time as another future event happens or is "marked" in time.

(1) She will have slept for more than eight hours if she wakes up at 7am tomorrow morning.

(2) Tomorrow, my wife and I will have lived in this house for exactly 30 years.

4. Future Perfect Continuous

will have been + verb + ing

Use the future perfect continuous tense to talk about a future event that will already be in progress when another future event happens or begins.

She is always late. I will have been walking to school for ten minutes already when she finally arrives at my house to give me a ride.

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