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What is a memoir?

That word may, or may not, be familiar to you, but it looks and sounds a lot like "memory."

Memoirs are collections of tales based on their authors' memories about the past.

Memoirs are chock full of nostalgia and tales mostly about the good ol' days.

Traditionally, memoirs are too personal for wider distribution. Most of the stories that end up in memoirs are told aloud over and over before, and even after, they are eventually documented.

The next time, someone tells you one of their memories worthy of sharing, please encourage them, to also write it down, or audio record it, for future generations. They will likely be very inspired by your interest.

Now, please relax, use your imagination, and enjoy.

A Crack at Nostalgia

[porch swing swaying]

My neighbor, now a grandmother, told me of her oldest memory. She recalled a childhood routine that she started when she was a four-year-old:

When I was growing up on the family farm, we raised chickens. We kept a couple dozen hens and one rooster who served as our only alarm clock. We weren’t rich by any means, but we always had fresh eggs for breakfast.

Chicken Eggs in a Nest
Chicken Eggs in a Nest