The Parfait Course

A Parlay Vacay Parfait is a themed ESL course
for your group combining all of our customized modalities. Dynamic online instruction leads to and follows your
in-person English immersion weekend.

Parfait Course for 6-12 Adult Learners

The Parfait Course includes 24 hours of live online pre-immersion instruction for your group spread over two to four weeks followed by one full three-day weekend immersion vacay followed by another 24 hours of live online post-immersion instruction spread over two to four weeks.

In-Person Themed English Immersion
(Vacay or Staycay with possible Daycays)

2 to 1 staff to participant ratio

3-Day Vacay or Staycay (plus Daycays if applicable)

Friday to Sunday with a Thursday evening arrival and Monday morning departure. 

24 hours of our signature structured programming spread over three full days.

Daily breakfast and dinner buffets plus the Welcome Dinner on Thursday evening and the Farewell Breakfast on Monday morning.  Lunches are on-your-own to allow for some flexibility.

Screened 3, 4 or 5 star accommodations at single or double capacity.

There is the option to include excursions and/or special activities in addition to what is included in our amenities. These selections will become part of the pre-determined schedule unless extensive in which case, a Daycay add-on may be more appropriate.

A price range for your specific package is difficult to give here for several important reasons:

The cost of instruction varies depending on the theme and the intensity of various aspects of the program.  The cost of accommodations vary depending on the exact location, level of quality, and dates selected. The cost of excursions or special activities also vary depending on many factors.  Then there's the cost of transportation, insurance, and incidentals. 

Parlay Vacay is dedicated to working well within your budget and to making sure your course is cost-effective.  To schedule a quick call to discuss the specific needs of your group and all the options, contact us.