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Layer Up your English!

with online English language coaching

Refine your English in private online sessions with Coach Laura.

Coach Laura can help you with a wide variety of English language skills including speaking, listening, communication skills, academic and business writing. She has extensive experience teaching English to clients in the Automotive, Hospitality and IT industries.

Laura has career experience in a wide range of industries.  Most recently she has had experience as a Front-End Developer. For several years she worked in Property Asset Management for both the private and public sectors. She has also worked as a Garden Designer and a Photographer. 

Laura is originally from the United States, but now lives in the Tuscany region of Italy. She has also lived in Shanghai, China where she began teaching English to expats, international students, and auto industry managers.

In her free time Laura is a beekeeper, takes care of a small family farm, and works on improving her Italian speaking skills.

To discuss your English language needs and goals, Contact Coach Laura.

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