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Layer Up your English!

with online English language coaching

Rapidly increase your mastery of reading, writing, and conversational English with Coach Ipek. 

İpek is currently training to become a translator and Interpreter. She is also a creative writer. 

Ipek will find a topic that matches your interests and make it engaging and fun! Ipek specializes in using "entertainment" and literature in all forms to teach English language skills.

For example, if you are a fan of audio-visual media, İpek will help you increase your vocabulary using clips from movies and tv shows. They are great for learning English language idioms, sayings, and basic sentence structure.

Do you enjoy catchy songs? Or do you want to know more about your favorite artists' songs and their meanings? İpek will help you improve your English through lyrics.

If you are interested in quotes and memes that you see on social media or enjoy reading fantasy novels, Ipek will use them to enrich your vocabulary and command of the language.

Contact Coach Ipek today to begin enjoying your path to more English fluency!

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