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Layer Up your English!

with online English language coaching


I offer one-to-one Business English lessons for IT Professionals who are committed to advancing their communication skills in English. My corporate training is also available for your staff and team members.

I host FREE and paid events online:


Business Idioms Game Time!

Register free here at Lingo Parlor 
In this event series, we practice new vocabulary and explore idiomatic English. We practice by using what we learn in fun and memorable ways. 


French and English Dual-Language Learning Hour 

Register free here at Double Talkers
In this free event series led by coaches, English speakers exercise their French skills and French speakers exercise their English skills. We learn both languages side-by-side in an enjoyable and  interesting way. 

IT Professionals Network Hub

Register free here for this Facebook Group
I host "Facebook Lives" on a regular basis providing motivation, tips, and inspiration through sharing my current students' progress and achievements. 

Controversial Conversations

In this paid private weekly event series, I host small group English conversations about controversial topics. These events are unique opportunities for non-native English speaking professionals who would like to practice expressing themselves in conversation through advanced vocabulary. £10 per session ticket. Contact me here for more info and about ticket package discounts.

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