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Layer Up your English!

Online English language coaching

Refine your English language skills in private online sessions with Dr. Angela Brumett.

Build your English fluency rapidly. Master grammar and learn how to integrate formal and informal English. Better understand American culture and society. Discuss your topics of interest smoothly and in more depth. If you wish, Dr. Brumett can coach you to speak like US radio professionals.

Dr. Brumett is an English professor and cognitive anthropologist. She is a CRLA master-level tutor and certified in TESOL and TBE with over 25 years of experience teaching and tutoring clients around the world in person and online.  She holds a lifetime FCC radio broadcasting license.

She can help you improve your pitches, presentations, negotiation debate skills, critical reading of legal documents, proposal and grant writing, and your thesis or dissertation organization and defense. 

In her free time, Angela enjoys traveling, camping, walking, meditation, stargazing, learning languages and about animals, cinema, storytelling, and making digital art and music. 

Please contact Dr. Brumett here to introduce yourself and describe your English language goals.

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