What's a language vacation?

At Parlay Vacay, we believe that you focus best when you can relax. That's why we offer you an opportunity to enjoy your vacation while you learn a new language or level up your language skills. Also, you unpack only once during the course, giving you more time to relax... and learn a language. 

The Parlay Way

Parlay Vacay's Dual Method of Language Instruction

The opportunity for real world immersion is the reason Parlay Vacay gets you out of the local classrooms and takes you with us to the exciting places we go on vacation. Although immersion is an excellent way to learn a language, we believe that immersion-only isn't the most effective for adults to achieve fluency.  Why? Because it's too slow, frustrating, and tiring for the reasonable expectations of mature learners.

You've heard people say, "Instead of taking classes or using a self study program, I'm going to move there for a year, live there among the locals, and just learn that way.  You know, immerse myself in the language every day until I finally get it."  Parlay Vacay knows that fluency is more effectively achieved during structured immersion which is a key component of our dual method, the "Parlay Way." Structured immersion occurs when the key individuals in a student's surroundings are aware of and responsive to his or her learning needs in the most constructive way. 


Parlay Vacay invites native speaking conversation partners to be our guests on every vacay to provide structured immersion for participants. Students are immersed in local communities in structured immersive activities as well.


Unless otherwise requested, Parlay Vacay can and often does include native speaking partners from other places where the language is spoken so the participants' learning isn't limited to just one accent or a single set of idioms in the language.  For example, a vacay in Mexico does not have to offer only Mexican conversation partners but can feature other native Spanish speakers as well.


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"Insertion" is a term coined by Parlay Vacay for what we offer through our dual method, the "Parlay Way," in addition to structured immersion. 


First, no "new" language is totally new simply because there are no two languages with nothing in common.  All human languages have many things in common because we all share the neurological system which we dedicate to communication. How this manifests is simply similar or different to a degree.


This is why learning another language, even if for the first time, doesn’t mean starting from scratch. The cerebral networks of connections for language are already highly developed in adults and increase with every passing birthday as further exposure occurs.

The Parlay Way parses a language into five layers of knowledge that can be integrated. These layers are taught in English during the “Fluency Foundations” component of the course, which leverages what participants already know (even if they don’t know they already know it). These layers are integrated or "inserted" into the rest of the course or the "immersion" experience.

The Fluency Foundation sessions aren't just for the complete beginners. Advanced participants find they not only refresh their knowledge but also refine their skills. Repeat Parlay Vacay student participants may choose which Fluency Foundation sessions to attend or utilize that time as additional opportunities to practice with conversation partners or locals.

Angela Brumett PhD

Parlay Vacay Founder

Dr. Angela Brumett holds a dual Phd in English Language Arts and Psychological Linguistic Anthropology with a specialization in comparative psycholinguistics and adult language acquisition.

Put simply, she's an expert on discovering how English-speaking adults can best acquire and improve additional language skills. 

Her research and practice in this field has lead to the development of Parlay Vacay’s signature dual method of teaching new languages to adults: the Parlay Way.