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Parlay Vacay's Dual Method of
Layered Language Instruction

(delivered on-line and in-person)


The Parlay Way

Parlay Vacay knows that achieving fluency in English requires more than being surrounded by the language. We use structured immersion and something we call insertion. 

Immersion, the Parlay Way

Everyone learns differently, so we empower you to determine which style of our guidance works best for you, and you can change this anytime per your needs.

Layered Insertion

Parlay Vacay gives you the tools of the English language in layers and shows you how to integrate them to expand your English language skills.

Relax. Layer Up your English!

Angela Brumett PhD

Parlay Vacay Founder

Dr. Angela Brumett holds a dual Phd in English Language Arts and Cognitive Anthropology with specializations in comparative psycholinguistics and adult language acquisition. She is also TESOL certified, a CRLA Master Tutor and instructional designer, and holds a lifetime radio broadcasting license.

An expert on how adults learn English, Dr. Brumett's research and practice in this field has lead to the development of Parlay Vacay and its signature dual method of teaching English to adults: the Parlay Way.

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