Small Group English Immersion Weekends

At Parlay Vacay, we believe that you focus best when you can relax. Get away from it all and enjoy yourself while you layer up your English language skills. 

Fun & beautiful destinations

2 : 1 participant to staff ratio

On-line English Tutoring

Face to face your tutor will guide you toward higher fluency using our layered approach called The Parlay Way.

Invite a study companion to any session for FREE.

The Parlay Way

Parlay Vacay's Layered Dual Method of Language Instruction



Parlay Vacay knows that fluency in English requires more than being surrounded by a language.  We provide you with structured immersion combined with our unique concept of insertion.

Parlay Vacay teaches you the tools of the English language in layers and shows you how to integrate or "insert" these layers to build your English language skills. Layer Up your English!

Angela Brumett PhD

Parlay Vacay Founder

Dr. Angela Brumett holds a dual Phd in English Language Arts and Psychological Linguistic Anthropology with a specialization in comparative psycholinguistics and adult language acquisition.

An expert on how adults learn English, Dr. Brumett's research and practice in this field has lead to the development of Parlay Vacay and its signature dual method of teaching English to adults: the Parlay Way.

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How many days and hours are the immerson programs?

Each vacay in the English Immersion Weekends program consists of 24 total hours or more of combined scheduled formal instruction and informal but structured language-practice activities over three full days. The exact program schedule is determined by your group's requirements or, in the case of open enrollment programs, the theme of the program. The most typical experience begins Friday morning (a Thursday arrival is recommended) and ends Monday morning, but this length and the specific days can vary according to your group's needs or at the discretion of Parlay Vacay. We can also arrange "daycays" which are single day, structured language practice excursions or activities added to any program.

How can I arrange a custom Parlay Vacay?

Forming a group can be easier than you think. If you know 6-8 adults who need to improve their English and would enjoy a long weekend getaway in Arizona together, you have a potential group for a Parlay Vacay English immersion. 1. Ask around to see who else would be interested; the people you ask may know others. Parlay Vacay features interactive activities in which lots of conversation can happen easily, so all participants will get plenty of practice.
2. Survey the group: what style of getaway would interest them? See the question regarding activies here in the FAQ for a list of ideas. We also welcome your ideas!

Where are the immersion programs? Or can I choose a location?

We offer both open enrollment and custom immersion programs yearround. Open-enrollment programs in 2021 and beyond will be located in the southwestern USA in the state of Arizona. Arizona's various elevations provide a range of temperatures with low humidity year-round as well as a wide selection of landscapes. We usually choose locations in or convenient to Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff because the state's major airports are located in these areas. Custom programs for your private group may be located almost anywhere in Arizona or throughout the continental US.

What do you offer on-line?

We offer live online English tutoring coaching packages (at a discount to our English immersion participants). Invite a friend to any session for FREE.

What are the possible activities of the immersion weekends?

Parlay Vacay arranges activities which encourage lots of communication including but not limited to these: red rock adventures snowboarding and ski holidays vineyard or brewery tours southwest culinary tours horseback riding and ranch holidays golf holidays car show tours museum or gallery tours photography safaris native arts and crafts canvas painting classes iconic American summer vacation Route 66 history tours Wild West and western film tours iconic American Thanksgiving anytime

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